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Roger's Gardens' Halloween Boutique • Cabinet of Curiosities Now Open



Now - Friday, October 17

Contest Rules:

  1. Follow Roger’s Gardens on Facebook & Instagram

  2. Post a picture of our Halloween Boutique on your social media page(s)

  3. Tag 3 friends + Rogersgardens

  4. Tag photo by using the following hashtags: #RGCabinetofcuriosities

and you will be Entered-To-Win a $100 RG Gift Card Winner will be announced on our social media pages on Friday October 29.

Good Luck!

Curated Themed Boutiques:

Curiosity has its own reason for existence, and one cannot help but be in awe of the many wonders that this humble abode holds. Join Norman Bates and say hello to the many creatures that lurk around every corner of these haunted walls.

Frankenstein’s Laboratory Concoctions bubble and fizz in hopes to spark life into this bone chilling Laboratory. Find yourself face to face with Frankenstein and the many mystifying wonders this testing ground holds.

Dracula’s Dining Hall Sit down to a crimson supper with the Count himself and immerse yourself in the decadent décor that awaits you in this Dining Hall. Be our guest and take a seat at the table with our ghostly Artisan pieces that fill this dead space. Beware of the eyes on the wall that “follow” you wherever you go, they are watching you.

The Mummy Tomb This ancient tomb holds many secrets, creepy crawly artifacts, and mummified creatures of all shapes and sizes. Keep your eyes open for what scurries up the walls behind you!

The Creature’s Black Lagoon Watch your step as you enter this lush lagoon, covered with exotic plants and creeping vines. Beware there might be something lurking above or beneath you.

The Bride of Frankenstein Undying love swirls inside this hauntingly beautiful room. Elegant crystals drape from the ceiling, and vintage inspired designs of tabletop décor with pops of silver and rich black velvet fill every inch of this space.


Eric Cortina • Creative Director

Hedda Staines • Head Merchant

Crystal Pittman • Associate Buyer

Visual Merchandisers:

Emily Morgan

Catherine Smith

Claire Simoncini

James maxwell

Irineo Garcia

James maxwell

Blake Macres

Ray Correia

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