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Alamo Drafthouse is Giving Away A Free Bowl of Popcorn On National Popcorn Day

This Friday there will be an invasion of big, silver saucers at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema locations nationwide – and all of them will be filled with FREE popcorn! Alamo Drafthouse will be slinging big bowls of freshly popped kernels and real clarified butter at every screening all day long on National Popcorn Day, January 19th. Just buy a ticket plus any other food or beverage item, and a silver bowl of hot, salty, buttery goodness is all yours. They’re not bottomless like Alamo Drafthouse's regular popcorn bowls (sorry everyone) but they are free and delicious. Besides, the only thing better than a movie and popcorn is a movie and FREE popcorn. Browse showtimes and get tickets for National Popcorn Day HERE.

Only valid 1/19/24 with ticket and $5 minimum food & beverage purchase, one bowl per tab, refills not included.


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