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French Nightmare PANDEMONIUM Comes to ARROW Player and VOD May 27th

A poster for PANDEMONIUM that shows half a face carved
Image courtesy of ARROW

Arrow Video is excited about the May 27th VOD Premiere of the French macabre horror PANDEMONIUM, the latest feature from filmmaker Quarxx (All the Gods in the Sky).

The film made its world premiere at Neuchâtel and went on to screen at Fantasia, Frightfest, Fantasy FilmFest, Sitges, Grimmfest, Trieste, and Screamfest. Now, you can see it at home on ARROW with a host of brand-new extras! PANDEMONIUM will also be available on all major VOD platforms, including Apple TV and Prime Video.

Director Quarxx (All the Gods in the Sky) explores the peculiar, welcoming all those hungry for wonder in PANDEMONIUM, a unique cinematic blend of fantasy, drama, genre, and humor. The film takes the viewer on a chilling journey as three interconnected stories unravel in this macabre exploration of tales depicting fallen souls. From the intricacies of everyday drama to the realms of supernatural intrigue, each narrative weaves a haunting tapestry that blurs the lines between the mortal and the supernatural.

A car is flipped over and two people are talking
Image courtesy of ARROW

PANDEMONIUM follows Nathan (Hugo Dillon), an ordinary man on a journey he never expected. After realizing he has died at the scene of a car crash, Nathan descends into the depths of hell, where he is doomed to experience the pain of tortured souls along the way.

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