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Netflix and... Kill? Slayaway Camp Video Game is back with a sequel!

Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix & Kill will arrive on PC platforms via Steam in 2024

By Frances Baker


"Take control of masked maniac Skullface in the goretastic sequel to the most violentest puzzle game ever made! The darkly hilarious puzzle game tribute to classic horror movies that puts the laughter in slaughter.

The original Slayaway Camp which was released in 2016, has an Overwhelmingly Positive review on Steam. One reviewer on Metacritic stated, "Surprisingly fun! Generally not a puzzler, but this game caught and held my interest for a long while. Introduced new mechanics at a good rate and always had just enough humor to keep me hooked for the next level. Some of the harder levels were a bit baroque, but overall really well balanced."

Players control Skullface, who is trapped in a digital world created by frightened teenagers, filled with parodies of classic 1980s films. Players choose from five killer classes, each with unique abilities and customizable skins, and now a plethora of killers to choose from. The objective is to navigate through various environments, solving puzzles and creatively murdering victims to find a way out of the digital prison. The game emphasizes hilariously gory methods of dispatching victims, such as scaring them to death or setting deadly traps.

The PC version of the sequel offers a bevy of improvements from the original, including a revamped interface, increased graphical performance, and Steam achievements and leaderboards. Bonus content such as an “Endless Mode” take inspiration from classic arcade games, challenging players to creatively reach the ultimate high score, and special Steam Deck enhancements allow you to use those weird buttons and stuff on the back of the Deck to shake, throttle, and mangle victims in embarrassingly kinetic fashion. 

Newest features:

  • Unlock 36 Horrifying Killers!

  • Tons of New Puzzle Mechanics!

  • Insane Killer Abilities!

  • 25 Parody-Laced Puzzle Movies!

  • Hidden machete kills for true hardcore puzzle masterminds.

  • Over 350 masterfully hand-crafted puzzle challenges!

  • Level-Up in Mini-Game Trials for Awesome Rewards!

  • And more!

Slayaway Camp 2 screenshot of gameplay

Um, please don't look at me that way, Sir...

Slayaway Camp 2 - character art. He's a character, alright.

“Horror fans who like the sillier side of scary movies will love Slayaway Camp 2,” said Nate Schmold, Creative Director and Game Designer at Blue Wizard Digital. “If they don’t love it, Skullface will know, and Skullface will be sad. And Skullface gets stabby when he’s sad. Our lawyer’s telling me to clarify that this is not a threat but that we’d like you to buy and enjoy our game.”

The spirits are telling us this sounds like a threat, Nate.

Slayaway Camp 2 will arrive on PC platforms via Steam in 2024 for $12.99.


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