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Recap: MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM, Episode 3 – “Biddy’s Life”

Image Courtesy of Freeform

By Twisted Tori

As an essential employee, reading, movies, and television shows are my haven away from everything COVID-19. Sometimes it takes a lot for me to try out a new series, as ones I’ve seen before are more comforting to me, but I’m definitely digging Freeform’s MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM. In case you haven’t read my other recaps, this show was created by Eliot Laurence, and stars Taylor Hickson as Raelle, Ashley Nicole Williams as Abigail, and Jessica Sutton as Tally. It centers around a group of witches who are trained to become powerful tools for the military.

Episode 3 dropped on Wednesday. “Biddy’s Life” is one of my favorite episodes thus far. It’s exciting and fun, but also thrilling and sad. In this episode, male witches arrive at Fort Salem for Beltane. Beltane is a special tradition in which witches of both sexes can meet, interact, and grow their powers. Any form of mingling is encouraged, and the more social interaction, the better. As expected, the girls are excited about this, and for once, they get to do something besides train – entertain handsome men and learn more about their witch history.

Abigail, as always, attracts the attention of many male witches with her sex-on-a-stick confidence. She wraps them around her little witchy finger within a matter of seconds. Meanwhile, pure and innocent Tally attracts the interest of a handsome witch who only wants to spend time with her. Raelle is introduced to Scylla’s ex-boyfriend, who warns her about Scylla’s history and things don’t end well for him.

Image Courtesy of Freeform

While the young witches enjoy the benefits of Beltane, the international military council of witches deals with a new crisis that is unlike anything they’ve seen before. No one knows what the best course of action is, making them weak and vulnerable.

“Biddy’s Life” brings more drama, magic, and deception to the table. “Biddy’s Life” reminded me of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. If you’re not familiar with this one, it centers around a tournament between the three major schools of magic, with one participant selected from each school by the Goblet of Fire. It’s one of my favorite in the series, because I loved seeing all the different types of witches interact. In “Biddy’s Life,” the interaction between all the witches helps them grow, and become more confident and stronger.

We also get a feel for what they’re up against – what their enemies can do. There’s an intense and terrifying scene in which a powerful enemy of some kind turns a public indoor swimming pool into an ice rink within a matter of seconds. No one had a chance.

Image Courtesy of Freeform

Beyond that, my patience for Scylla is dwindling. At first, I thought maybe she wasn’t that bad, but looks can be deceiving. I have a feeling she is pure evil, and what we saw in this episode is just the beginning. Something wicked this way comes…

I hope you enjoyed my recap of Freeform’s MOTHERLAND: FOR SALEM, Episode – “Biddy’s Life.” Let us know what your thoughts are about this season thus far, and make sure to tune in each Wednesday for a new episode!

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