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Macabre Manor POV Walkthrough: Horror SpeakEasy | That 80's Bar, Montclair, CA | By Sinister Pointe

Step into the eerie depths of Macabre Manor, brought to life by Sinister Pointe, the creative minds behind the Haunted Mansion-inspired Airbnb in Fullerton, CA, and the Knott's Scary Farm 5åΩ0th-anniversary tribute store. Our P.O.V. Walkthrough guides you through the haunting Halloween-themed speakeasy at That 80's Bar, Montclair, CA.

  • Immersive Interiors: Walk with us through the unsettling mansion, showcasing the eerie fusion of Munsters and Adams Family-inspired decor.

  • Special Effects Unveiled: Witness the unique special effects that brought Macabre Manor to life, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that lingers.Interactive

  • Drink Menu: Virtually experience the tantalizing concoctions that once blurred the line between reality and the supernatural.Captivating

  • Photo Ops: Explore the enchanting photo opportunities, frozen moments capturing the supernatural essence.

Camera: James H. Carter II


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