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Huluween: Now Screaming Haunt 2023 POV Walkthrough

Get ready for a bone-chilling adventure as we take you on a heart-pounding POV walk-through of Huluween: Now Screaming Haunt in West Hollywood, CA! This video will plunge you into the darkest corners of this immersive event, offering you a glimpse into the horrors inspired by Hulu's most terrifying collection of titles.

📺 In this video, we'll explore six terrifying zones inspired by fan-favorite Huluween titles:


"Goosebumps" Experience the haunted Biddle house, where eerie jump-scares, spine-tingling special effects, and mysterious sounds await you.


"FX's American Horror Story" & "American Horror Stories" Navigate through dark cubby walls filled with costumes and props from iconic AHS characters, and brace yourself for surprise encounters with horrifying figures like Rubber Man and Twisty the Killer Clown.

🧟 THE VERY, VERY SCARY ZONE: "Annabelle" - Witness the chilling presence of Annabelle herself, lurking around every corner.

"The Boogeyman" - Enter the therapy room and experience a terrifying moment as the lights fade into darkness.

"The Exorcism of Emily Rose" - Be "greeted" by a spine-chilling "possessed" contortionist representing Emily Rose in the pitch-black room.

🌿 The video will guide you through the eerie hedge maze entry line and take you to the iconic green Hulu couch where visitors can capture their triumphant "I Survived!" group photo.

😱 Are you ready to face your deepest fears in this spine-tingling Huluween adventure? Let's dive into the horrors that await you!

Camera / Editor: James H. Carter II


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