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The Grey Ghost POV Walk Through On Board The Queen Mary Shaqtoberfest 2023

🚢 Welcome aboard the Queen Mary, but beware, for this time, you're in for an otherworldly experience! Discover the haunting history of the RMS Queen Mary, originally designed as a luxurious ocean liner but transformed into a troop transport ship during WWII. Her exterior was repainted battleship gray, earning her the eerie nickname, the "Grey Ghost."

⚓ After her retirement and permanent docking in Long Beach in 1967, the Queen Mary found new life as a hotel and tourist attraction, until 2020 when she sat vacant for three years. During this time, the spirits of those who perished onboard grew louder and stronger than ever before. Now, as part of the 2023 reopening of the Queen Mary, we invite you to step back into the belly of the ship and uncover the chilling secrets that lurk in the dark, damp corridors.

🌊 Prepare to enter "The Grey Ghost," a haunting maze that explores the spectral realm of this iconic vessel. Can you brave the paranormal activity that dwells within? Don't miss this opportunity to venture into the mysterious world of "The Grey Ghost" at Shaqtoberfest 2023.

🕯️ Will you survive the eerie encounters that await within the haunted Queen Mary, or will you become part of its ghostly lore? Let's explore the supernatural onboard the Grey Ghost together! 👻🚢


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