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Unleash Mischievous Ghosts in 'Hyde's Haunt & Seek' at PAX West 2023

Join us for an engaging interview at PAX West 2023 as Creepy Kingdom contributor Frances Baker chats with David Turpin, the creative force behind "Hyde's Haunt and Seek" from Smol . Get a glimpse into the world of this thrilling multiplayer game as it unfolds on the show floor at PAX West in Seattle, running from September 1st to 4th.

In this interview, David Turpin shares the intriguing backstory, innovative gameplay mechanics, and development journey of "Hyde's Haunt and Seek." Gain insights into the game's inspiration, which draws from David's personal experiences and his dedication to crafting a unique gaming experience.

Discover what sets "Hyde's Haunt and Seek" apart from conventional horror multiplayer games, with a focus on cooperation and spooky fun. Dive into the roles of both the human seeker and the mischievous ghosts, and learn how the game combines suspense and silliness for an unforgettable adventure.

Support "Hyde's Haunt and Seek" by wishlisting it on Steam during PAX West and stay up to date with Smol Games on Twitter @Smol_Games for the latest news and updates. Your involvement can help bring this exciting game to life.

Video shot & edited by Frances Baker


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