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Florida’s Scream-A-Geddon Review

By Gretchen Von Cloedt

The creepy kids and I ventured to Dade City, Florida to experience Scream-A-Geddon “Florida’s premier horror park”. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

 Nestled in what seems like the middle of nowhere, is a compound made of industrial shipping containers painted bright red. You get a traveling carnival feel upon entering. In the center, you find yourself standing in what appears to me a carnival mid-way complete with games, drinks, and food. The smell of campfire and kettle corn are a comforting distraction from the random ghoulies and homicidal maniacs roaming freely. I found myself to be a target quite often as a back hills member of some murder torture family rather enjoyed creeping up being me a snarling in my ear, or whispering sweet nothings. Let me tell ya, there’s nothing more chilling than being told “You smell delicious, I bet your spine feels good in my hands…” Holy hell, I’m still shivering. 

So once you get your bearings, you make your way around the park where the entrances to 5 different haunted houses of varying themes are only a short walk away. Occasionally large hordes of  monsters and demons parade through the midway. A fun way to draw attention to their haunt. 

Dead Woods: Your zombie redneck murder family

Rage 3D: Evil clowns, super trippy. 

Blackpool Prison: Interactive, zombie prison

Infected Ground Zero: Zombies, military themed, lots of hazmat suits and body bags. Interactive.

Demons Revenge: Church of the dead themed. Lots of cool effects, gorgeous costuming. Exorcisms and sacrifices galore. 

Not only did they have 5 different haunts, there’s a second attraction at Scream-A-Geddon! For an additional fee, they have Zombie Paintball Assault! They load small groups on a bus armored with paintball guns and AC/DC. Once aboard, after some safety announcements,  you’re off to 7 different locations where you are free to unload your paintball guns on walking zombies. Glow in the dark paint balls make the coolest effect when exploding on a zombie face.

I appreciated the fact that they allow small groups at a time enter the haunts. Nothing is wore than having your scare ruined because the group in front were too close. It does make for a bit of a wait in line, but I think the rewards are worth the wait. Two of the haunted houses were “interactive”. This means, they have your permission to grab you, and separate you from your group. They can play with you by putting you in a jail cell, or zipping you up in a body bag. That’s a no from me dawg. In my small group of 4, I opted to not experience the interactive, and just enjoy the house as a spectator. I’m not sure if that was less scary, because my group got completely split up and I found myself wandering alone in the haunt. Let me tell you, there is nothing like wandering alone in a haunted house. Nobody here, just me and the ghoulies.  

As the night wound down, I left with that post adrenaline euphoria that we all enjoy, and that is the indication that you had a great time. 


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