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Supernatural Thriller DELICATE ARCH to World Premiere at Dances With Films Festival

DELICATE ARCH, the new supernatural thriller from writer/director Matt Warren and executive producer Rodney Ascher, will World Premiere as part of Dances With Films on Friday, June 28th. The celebrated Los Angeles festival is proud to welcome the film into the world, accompanied by a red carpet event and post-screening Q&A with the picture's cast and crew.

Grant, Wilda, Cody, and Ferg are all college students in Salt Lake City. Grant and Cody are supposed to be BFFs, but Grant - a paranoid and spoiled film student - suspects Cody is secretly hooking up with Wilda, an ex-girlfriend Grant is struggling to remain amicable with. Their friend is Ferg, Wilda's nonbinary stoner cousin and an amateur student of Theosophy and ritual magic.

Fleeing an atmospheric disaster known as "The Inversion" in the Salt Lake Valley, the group decides to go camping in Southern Utah's ARches National Park. As Grant's obsessive voyeurism escalates on-site, he begins to sense a malevolent, imperceptible force encroaching on them.

What is it? An ancient Lovecraftian Evil? An extraterrestrail manipulation? A nuclear experiment gone wrong? Zombies?!?! Or perhaps... something even weirder?

The film, written and directed by Matt Warren, stars William Leon, Kelley Mack, Kevin Bohleber, and Rene Leech and is produced by Larissa Beck, Josh Long, Aaron Nelson, and Warren.


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