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Shudder's "The Whistler" Short Film Review

By Michelle Halloween

In the darkest and most beloved of horror traditions, THE WHISTLER sets the tone instantly, with the raspy whispers of an unknown entity. “Rise and be baptized,” it says.

What could possibly go wrong when your parents force you to babysit, when you had your heart set on a rad party? It seems like the end of the world. Resolved, you throw on a horror flick, and text your woes away. But, of course, duties call, forcing you to hit pause so you can read the little one a bedtime story. The babysitter’s annoyance with her little sister compels her to weave her own twist on the book that was selected. But, what happens when the little sister isn’t as easily shaken as you are?

Directed by Jennifer Nicole, THE WHISTLER follows two sisters who wake up to find themselves in the trance of a man who prompts young virgins to follow him into the forest. He wants to cleanse them of any sin. Beautifully shot in Whistler, BC, the cinematography is alluring and phantasmal. The dark forest and rocky creeks let you know immediately that you’re in for an eerie treat. The ghostly images of THE WHISTLER’S young victims - or, depending on your perspective, children that need to “rise and be baptized” - leaves you with chills, wanting more.

With its twisted ending, THE WHISTLER is any horror lover’s delicious nightmare.

THE WHISTLER is now available to stream on Shudder!


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