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Storm King Comics Announces Release of Two Graphic Novels Ahead of San Diego Comic Con

Storm King Comics is gearing up for San Diego Comic-Con and the release of two incredible original graphic novels from Steve Niles, both wildly different in tone and approach, both utterly captivating tales.

Image courtesy of Storm King Comics

THE KILLING HOLE is a dark and moody tale of Gen X angst, set in 1979 (both "Alien" and Starlog make cameo appearances) as an alienated teenager becomes fast friends with someone whose thoughts are even darker and more terrifying. With stunning illustration by Trevor Denham, it's an evocative story of nostalgia, regret... and true horror. It's available July 10.

Image courtesy of Storm King Comics

THE GOD LIST is a collaboration between Steve Niles and Scott Hampton, who also illustrated, and offers a globe-trotting thriller that might be at home on the big screen, a story filled with chases through shadowy streets, a fascinating mystery, and its own deep mythology. It's available July 17.


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