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Storm King Comics Announces Four New Releases From John Carpenter and Sandy King

As Halloween nears and the nights get darker, Storm King Comics—from horror legends John Carpenter and Sandy King—debuts four new comics that will captivate everyone who loves to be terrified.

The new lineup includes MASK, the first title in Storm King’s new “Dark & Twisted” imprint, as well as Stanley AND THE HAUNTED HOUSE, a horror-tinged comic from John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids that is perfect for younger readers. Also coming this fall are the trade paperback release of the acclaimed “Tales of Science Fiction” series ENVOY, as well as a brand-new installment of the anthology series Carpenter’s Tales For a Halloween Night.

“Fear is one of the most basic elements of humanity, and Storm King was created to embrace stories that scare us and remind us of the mystery that surrounds us every day, and the thrill of being alive,” said Storm King Comics creator Sandy King, who founded the comics company in 2013. “We bring together the world’s best and most exciting storytellers and artists, and we’re incredibly excited by our 10th-anniversary lineup.

”On September 6 comes King imprint, “Dark & Twisted,” the world’s most fearsome monsters lurk not in the shadows or the imagination but in the everyday world. Storm King anticipates publishing two “Dark & Twisted” titles each year.“This is the horror in the car next to you, the horror that’s unfolding in the café across the street, the horror you cross paths with every day and don’t even notice,” King says of the “Dark & Twisted” imprint. “These monsters are human.

”The first title from“Dark & Twisted”isDEATH MASK,fromSandy KingandNewYork Times best-selling author Amanda Deibert, who teams with artist Cat Staggsandrenownedletterer Janice Chiangfor an unforgettably intense tale of murder and justice.DEATH MASKintroduces Det. Sonia Maza, who is investigating what appears to be a series of cartel-related murders. But the corpses keep piling up. Each death is more gruesome and intimate. And as Mazarealizes she’s seeing the work of a serial killer, she realizes the vigilante has mastered hiding in plain sight in horrifying ways. Maza pursues the killer at the expense of her personal life, embarking on a terrifying journey into the meaning of justice and the concepts of “good and evil.”

DEATH MASKdebuts September 6in comic shops and digitally, then comes booksellers including Amazon and Barnes & Noble on September 19.

Then, on September 13, comesSTANLEY AND THE HAUNTED HOUSE, perfect for the “spooky season” and created especially for younger readers by writer Jeff Blake and artists Walter Carzon, and Horacio Ottolini and letterer Janice Chiang. In the story, Stanleydoubts the existence of ghosts, so he and his friends try to stay a night in a haunted house—whichmight just make a believer out of him.

On September 27 (online and comic shops; in bookstores October 10) comes the newest terror-inducing volume of the award-winning graphic novel series JOHN CARPENTER’STALES FOR A HALLOWEENIGHT. For the ninth volume of haunting stories, Carpenter and have brought together more than 20 of the most terrifying storytellers anywhere—13 writers and 24 artists—for a compendium of creeps that will dare even the most hardened reader to make it all the way without turning on all the lights.

Also on September 27(online and comic shops; in bookstores Oct. 10)comes the trade-paperback version of THE ENVOY, the graphic novel by author David J. Schow and artist Andre Esparza. Featuring cover art by Cat Staggs, THE ENVOY is the riveting tale of two cutting-edge scientists racing to be the first to make alien contact. One finds a golden entity that offers to cure the worst Earthbound diseases. The other discovers a creature much more monstrous. It may be Earth’s first contact ... or last chance.

“This is always a special time of year for StormKing Comics, as the days shorten and cool, and the scent of fall, mystery and intrigue fill the air. and there’s no better way to celebrate than with one of the strongest lineups of titles in our history,” King said. All titles can be pre-ordered, where additional details and pricing for each can be found.


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