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Spirit Halloween Animatronics Rise from the Grave for 40th Anniversary

Spirit Halloween has officially unveiled the first look at its new lineup of industry-leading animatronics, giving fans the highly anticipated drop earlier than ever.

This year’s lineup is available now on (while supplies last) and includes 11 jaw-dropping creatures, clowns, monsters, and more, each featuring IR sensor-activated moves and sounds that are sure to provoke scares and shrieks, with additional animatronics coming soon.

Fans can expect all-new nightmare fuel like the terrifying Death Stalker, familiar spooky faces like Slim from the cult-classic movie Killer Klowns from Outer Space, as well as a couple of returning fan-favorite characters including Creepy Rising Doll.

But it doesn’t end there – keep an eye out for a second drop in the coming weeks with three additional animatronics joining the lineup – including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s infamous Leatherface complete with his revving chainsaw.

Spirit Halloween’s animatronics can be seen in action in Spirit Halloween stores nationwide this season.


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