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Room 13 Walk Through - Knott's Scary Farm - NEW MAZE

🍸 Step back in time to the Prohibition era as we delve into the sinister secrets of "Room 13" at Knott's Scary Farm! Join us on a spine-tingling journey through the twisted narrative of violent murders at The Blind Tiger, where the 1920s revelry on Memory Lane takes a deadly turn.

🕵️‍♂️ The mysterious and dangerously addictive cocktail known as "The Devil’s Elixir" appears to be at the heart of the mayhem, but its origins are shrouded in darkness. Could the answers to this chilling puzzle lie within the opulent Argive Hotel, a place where many have checked in but none have checked out?

🏨 Prepare to be transported into the heart of this extravagant yet terrifying hotel, where every room hides secrets and horrors waiting to be discovered. As we navigate through Room 13, we'll unravel the sinister tale that has left visitors trembling with fear.

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