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Dive Deep Into The Haunted Mansion Parlour

Image courtesy of Disney

The next addition to the Haunted Mansion lore will open its doors on December 21, 2024. Disney Cruise and Disney Imagineers have teamed up to tap into the Haunted Mansion archives to bring fans everywhere to the nautical-themed Haunted Mansion Parlour. Here, Haunted Mansion fans will be introduced to new characters like The Captain and his bride, and unlock mysteries within the confines of its eerily sinister bar.

Pulling from the archival designs of Disney Imagineer Rolly Crump, Disney Imagineers have crafted a modern version of his original mysterious aquarium concept. Called the "Aquarium with Ghost Fish," this addition to the Haunted Mansion Parlour will tie into the lore surrounding The Captain and his bride. The last thing remaining inside that aquarium? His hat floating along the surface.

It also wouldn't be a Haunted Mansion attraction without some creepy artwork, right? The Haunted Mansion Parlour's portrait gallery reflects the wandering souls that might have been present once upon a time on board the Disney Treasure. Legendary Disney Animator Marc Davis's artistic style will be stamped all over the gallery, and will make any resident Haunted Mansion fan at home. Portraits of the Captain, his bride-to-be, and The Mariner are just a few characters to be discovered in The Haunted Mansion Parlour.

If you want to take a little piece of the Haunted Mansion Parlour home with you, a Disney Cruise Line-exclusive commemorative mug collection will make its debut on the Disney Treasure. The first two additions to the series are The Mariner and the Captain's Bride. Based on the sketches, these look like gorgeous additions to another's Tiki Mug collection. And hey, it might make a great cup for Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar visits.

Stay tuned for more details and prepare your sea legs for your next Disney Treasure voyage to visit the Haunted Mansion Parlour.


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