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'Psychosis' Premieres August 12 at 2023 Popcorn Frights Film Festival

Criminal fixer Cliff Van Aarle’s unique psychological condition gives him an edge in the criminal underworld, but when he’s hired by two amateur drug dealers claiming they were attacked by ‘zombies,’ Van Aarle is dragged into a terrifying and bizarre mystery that will test him to his limits.

Amid a cacophony of hallucinatory voices guiding him from his subconscious, Van Aarle searches for answers along a hauntingly familiar path of death and psychological torture. The case gets stranger still with the arrival of a delusional vigilante, LoneWolf, and the revelation that the mastermind behind it all may be more monster than man.

A surreal conspiracy of mind control, psychedelic drugs, and a criminal underbelly terrified of the enigmatic drug lord 'Joubini,' who uses hypnosis with lethal effect. Van Aarle may be the only one equipped to bring him down, but only if his mind survives the trip.

PYSCHOSIS is written, directed, produced, and edited by Pirie Martin. Cinematography by Isaac Szepessy. Executive Produced by Jarrad Bhatia and Martin. Composed by Matthew Morison and Adrian Schmidt Mumm.


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