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New Orleans Hearse Gang 2024 Calendar: Spooky Artistry Unleashed

If you thought that hearse cars were solely reserved for somber occasions, think again. The ethereal streets of New Orleans are about to be graced by a macabre yet mesmerizing sight, thanks to the "Ride & Die: The New Orleans Hearse Gang 2024 Calendar" Kickstarter campaign. This unique project, brought to life by the Spooky Babe Coalition, captures the essence of the city's alternative and dark arts scene while showcasing a collection of independent New Orleans artists cruising and creating in hearses.

A Spooky Collaboration: From Wheels of Mourning to Wheels of Art

What's more fitting for lovers of the eerie and enchanting than a calendar featuring four personally driven hearses owned and operated by fierce independent women artisans? These incredible artists are transforming hearses into artistic statements, embracing their enigmatic charm and crafting them into stunning pieces of moving art. The calendar features portraits and artistry of the Hearse Gang's leading ladies: Ali Kane with "Persephone the Tarot Hearse," Bunny Lane (Meghan Ackerman), ChandarChandar, and Jane Tardo with "The Haunted Hearse Rollecoaster." Photographed using the timeless medium of film by fellow artist and collaborator Selwyn Fig, this calendar isn't just a calendar – it's a masterpiece in the making.

A Historical Keepsake: Capturing the Spooky Spirit

The inspiration for this spine-chilling project emerged in October of 2022 when the New Orleans Hearse Gang was featured in a Washington Post photography article by Emily Kask. Since then, these independent women artisans have taken their unique vision to the next level, coming together once again to immortalize their artistry in the form of a 2024 calendar. With meticulous planning, dedication, and a sprinkle of the supernatural, the Hearse Gang is ensuring that their eerie elegance is celebrated by spooky enthusiasts worldwide.

The Spirit Behind the Spooky Babe Coalition

Behind the scenes, the Spooky Babe Coalition plays a pivotal role in making this project a reality. Founded in 2019 by ChandarChandar, the coalition unites alternative and dark artists in New Orleans, fostering a collaborative environment and strengthening the city's artist community. The coalition believes in the power of unity and creativity to build a darker, more enchanting future.

Navigating Shadows: Risks and Challenges

Creating such an ambitious calendar project isn't without its share of eerie challenges. From coordinating the schedules of busy artists to shooting on film and weathering the unpredictable twists of fate, the Hearse Gang acknowledges the risks involved in their endeavor. Shooting on film adds an extra layer of complexity, as each shot must be carefully composed to ensure that the final product reflects the haunting beauty they aim to capture. However, the team remains committed to turning these challenges into triumphs, as the rewards of producing a truly unique, artistic masterpiece are more than worth it.

Back the Creepy Cause: Rewards Await

The Kickstarter campaign offers a range of enticing rewards for those who dare to support the eerie elegance of the Hearse Gang's calendar project. From autographed calendars to local release party invitations and even the chance to become a sponsor, supporters can play a crucial role in bringing this captivating calendar to life. Super sponsors have the opportunity to leave their mark on the calendar's cover and receive special recognition and gifts from each of the Hearsewomen, ensuring their own place in this macabre masterpiece.

Embrace the Elegance: A Haunting Future Awaits

As the sun sets and the veil between the living and the ethereal becomes thin, the "Ride & Die: The New Orleans Hearse Gang 2024 Calendar" Kickstarter campaign offers a tantalizing glimpse into the world of dark art, eerie elegance, and artistic collaboration. By supporting this project, you become a part of New Orleans' rich tapestry of creativity, capturing a moment in time that's both chilling and captivating.

To join the Hearse Gang's journey and support their macabre masterpiece, visit their Kickstarter campaign: Ride & Die: The New Orleans Hearse Gang 2024 Calendar

For more about the Spooky Babe Coalition and the artists involved, follow them on Instagram: @spookybabecoalition


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