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Creepy Kingdom Exclusive BTS Image From BOGIEVILLE, Set to Screen at Cannes

Image courtesy of Magnificent Films

British filmmaker, actor and “professional movie villain” Sean Cronin’s feature vampire road movie “Bogieville” has completed post-production and is headed to market at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival (May 14-25, 2024) in Cannes, France, with a first look party to be held at the Fantastic Pavilion on May 16th at 4pm.  

The horror film – which was directed by Cronin from a screenplay by Henry P. Gravelle (“The Over Easy Courthouse Café”) was filmed in England, and is produced by Djonny Chen for Silent D Pictures, along with Cronin for Magnificent Films. Cronin as an actor has portrayed villains in dozens of box office hits, as well as having directed several award-winning titles.   

Revolving around a young couple ‘Ham’ and ‘Jody’ on the run who come across the eponymous derelict American trailer park, they are convinced to stay by the sinister caretaker ‘Crawford’, although they soon learn that he is in fact the guardian of the residents of Bogieville, themselves a pack of blood-thirsty vampires. Indonesian film star Arifin Putra (“The Raid 2”) and newcomer Eloise Lovell Anderson (“Villain”) star, along with Cronin as the lead vampire ‘Madison’, Sarina Taylor (“Solitary”), Poppie Jae Hughes (“Our Kid”), Daniel P. Lewis (“Wuthering Heights”), Andrew Lee Pots (“The Crown”) and Katie Sheridan (“The Royal Nanny”).

Special effects are provided by Tequila Carter, with Steve Askey handling VFX.

Says Cronin, who in addition to taking the directorial reins stars in the film as the vampire ‘Madison’, “One of the most bizarre things in directing Bogieville was doing it often in full makeup. Of the forty-day shoot, I think I was in full vampire regalia, with blackout lenses and fangs, for about half of it, which posed a challenge in both vision and speech. The other challenge for the production, and something we worked hard to do, was to faithfully recreate the look and feel of a small rural town in the deep south of the United States, but in Surrey, England, where it was freezing cold and spent most of the shoot pissing down rain. Our production designer, Abbie Cornwell, did an incredible job, however, as did the entire cast and crew, and I’m quite looking forward to unleashing Bogieville onto the world. It’s a wild, scary ride.” 

Says actress Anderson, “The script (for “Bogieville”) immediately drew me in. Although a vampire theme, it’s primarily a character-driven narrative. Working with Sean, our director, for the first time was a fun experience and his portrayal of the antagonist was nothing short of a consummate embodiment – no spoilers, you’ll have to see for yourself.”

About Magnificent Film & Television LTD

Magnificent Films was founded in 2007 by Sean Cronin to create imaginative, cinematic storytelling second to none. With a team of talented editors, writers, and production staff he has forged forward in building a dynamic film company for the 21st century. With working relationships with some of the best and established people in the industry yet keen to support and promote new talent both in front and behind the camera and from all areas of the community, Magnificent believes passionately that the industry should be accessible to all who have an aptitude and talent for storytelling in the medium of film

and television.

Angela Dixon as Doctor Mills. Image courtesy of Magnificent Films

Arifin Putra as Ham and Eloise Lovell Anderson as Jody. Image courtesy of Magnificent Films.

Sean Cronin as Madison. Image courtesy of Magnificent Films

BTS - Director Sean Cronin in the makeup chair. Image courtesy of Magnificent Films


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