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Music Video for 'Reflection' Performed by Christina Auilera from Disney's Live Action 'Mulan'

Multi-platinum and global award-winning superstar singer/songwriter Christina Aguilera performs the newly-recorded REFLECTION in the music video directed by 'Mulan' feature director Niki Caro ('The Zookeeper’s Wife,' 'McFarland, USA').    Starting September 4, with Premier Access, you can watch 'Mulan' before it’s available to all Disney+ subscribers. Disney+ will offer Premier Access to 'Mulan' for $29.99 on Once you have Premier Access to 'Mulan,' you can watch as many times as you want on any platform where Disney+ is available.

REFLECTION (2020) is produced by 'Mulan' composer Harry Gregson-Williams.  The original 1998 classic was written by David Zippel and Matthew Wilder.

Music from REFLECTION and the new original song 'Loyal Brave True' are featured in Gregson-Williams’ underscore with Aguilera’s full-length versions appearing in the film’s custom main-on-end title design.  Both songs are featured in the movie and on the Walt Disney Records soundtrack, with score composed and conducted by Gregson-Williams. 


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