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Freeform’s MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM, – 'Mother Mycelium' Recap

Image courtesy of FREEFORM

By Twisted Tori

Every week when I tune into Freeform’s MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM series, I’m pleasantly surprised by how different this show is from anything I’ve seen before and I appreciate the unique light it sheds on witches. It’s not about your typical coven doing self-serving witchy things or casting spells. It’s about witches being on the FRONTLINE and helping save the world. Episode 7 continues with more drama, secrets, and unexpected friendships.

Abigail (Ashley Nicole Williams) is still struggling to find peace with what happened to her fellow sister witch and befriends and forges a connection with Adil (Tony Giroux), a new visitor to the base camp. Although they’re completely different and strongly opinionated on many levels, Abigail learns a lot from him and wants to help him and his sister.

Meanwhile, Raelle (Taylor Hickson)’s tortured state of mind brings out powers in her that no one knew she was capable of; not even herself. She uses these newfound powers to save a life and blindly search for Scylla (Amalia Holm). Luckily, she discovers Scylla is alive and is being tortured for answers, but unfortunately no one believes her. They think it’s all in her head. Tally (Jessica Sutton) continues to hold her unit together and keep strong, but all the secrets are piling up and becoming overbearing. She looks to Gerit (Kai Bradbury) for distraction and companionship.

Image courtesy of FREEFORM

'Mother Mycelium' left me feeling sad and empty. It seems like almost everyone has given up hope and the true war hasn’t even begun yet. They need to recoup, focus on their strengths, and prepare for battle but mostly we see shady things being done by all parties.

Although I understand Scylla is the “enemy” and interrogations happen during war, it was still hard to watch her being tortured for answers. Sometimes I question who the real enemy is and that maybe she’s just misunderstood. One thing is for certain: she truly loves Raelle but will that be enough once Raelle discovers the truth? I’m not so sure.

This episode was dark and brutal but captivated my interest the whole time. I’m always left wanting more and questioning everything. I fear that as time goes on, Raelle is going to break away from the unit and turn to the dark side. Not necessarily by choice, but if she doesn’t learn to control her emotions and powers, disastrous things are bound to happen much like the Dark Phoenix.

Image courtesy of FREEFORM

Next week’s episode is titled 'Citydrop' and the witches are going to be doing their final training exercise. I’m looking forward to seeing what the training involves and how the unit will handle it. I also have an icky feeling that this will be the episode in which all pending secrets will come to light.


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