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Midway Madness POV Walkthrough - Shaqtoberfest 2023

🎪 Roll up, roll up, ladies and gentlemen! Get ready for a wild ride as we step into the zany world of "Midway Madness" at Shaqtoberfest 2023! Loopey Looney and her loyal Clown Crew have taken over the carnival and transformed the once joyful funhouse into a spine-tingling fearhouse.

🎡 Amidst the excitement of the giant ferris wheel, bumper cars, and mouthwatering concessions, keep your wits about you, for the creepy clowns are lurking around every corner. Look up, look down, and peer into the shadows; you never know where you might spot one of these mischievous jesters!

🤡 Exercise caution, or you might just find yourself as the unwitting star of the next sideshow act, a spectacle of fear and fright for all to see. "Midway Madness" promises a whirlwind of thrills and chills as you navigate the carnival's transformed funhouse.

🎈 Will you escape the clutches of the clown carnival and make it out unscathed, or will you become a part of the madcap spectacle? Step right up, and let's experience the madness of the midway together!


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