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A Spooky Wedding Shoot Straight From The Mind Of Jim Henson; Nuptials Inspired By 'Labyrinth'

By: Jaimz Dillman

When the creeps and crawlies start to stir, we know it's time for a Central Florida spooky wedding-vendor crew to gather for some fiendish fun. This year's inspiration isn't so scary, as it is a mystical memory from growing up with creations from the mind of Jim Henson. Labyrinth has been a favorite of mine from the first time I saw Sarah (Jennifer Conolly) tell King of the Goblins, Jareth (David Bowie) he had no power over her. So much so, that not only have I passed this gem on to my kids and tattooed half of my right arm in tribute, but I knew the movie would be fantastic fodder for our annual shoot. And the rest of the crew was ready to make some magic.

Annually, the same group of us (who are available) gather to brainstorm how to relay the look and feel of something from pop culture, folklore, movies, books, or television into an event setting that can be presented as a wedding, if the only limit was our imagination. Taking the royal elegance of a king, and romantic softness of a conjured daydream, we created a table big enough for all honored guests of the kingdom.

Place settings for 20 on each side of the 18ft.-table were dressed with personalized rich royal blue linens, seating cards, and detailed menus gilded with gold matching the flatware. Lux mixed pastel florals covered every surface in varieties of hydrangea, roses, and greenery. The bride's bouquet also featured a few cashmere king protea as their goblin-like appearance was our nod to the residents of the Goblin City.

Floral didn't just accent the reception table though. A floral wall made for a lovely backdrop feature to set off the wedding cake, which was draped in pearls, tying in our bride and her attire. The gorgeous ballroom space was made a bit more intimate by draping off the sides with strips and shreds of gauzy dreamy fabric, recreating the feel of Sarah's ballroom dream sequence

We stayed a little more literal with our models in this shoot than we have in the past, because this scene is so iconic already. Our Sarah (Sarah Rose) not only fit the bill perfectly with gorgeous dark hair, but she also made her gown! We got another double dose of awesome with our Jareth (Jeremy Procopio), who already had a fabulous King costume, complete with that perfect wig. Soft hues of makeup brought them both to life.

Some of the participating vendors (including yours truly) also jumped in on the fun, becoming masked party revelers. We surrounded the couple dancing, laughing, and tossing rose petals while the photographer and videographer swirled around everyone to capture Sarah's confusion and curiosity.

Small touches are always our favorite part, including the placement of several clocks and owls throughout the tablescape. A small, blue-haired worm also made a home amidst one of the arrangements.

We hope those who love this cinematic gem also love the time, thought, and talents that went into creating Sarah and King Jareth's big day. And if you're new to the world of the Labyrinth - well, come on in! It's only forever. Not long at all.

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Creative consultant: Jaimz Dillman

Model: Sarah Rose

Model: Jeremy Procopio

Cinema and Video: Elmwood Forest Productions

Paper Props: Themes Come True, Inc.

DJ:JW Jaeger

Reception Venue: Luxmore Grande

Event Planner: Michele Butler Events

Equipment Rentals: Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals

Equipment Rentals: A Chair Affair, Inc.

Floral: Lee Forrest Design

Apparel: Cinder Designs

Linens: Over the Top

Bakery: Anna Cakes

Hair & Makeup Artist: Laura Reynolds Artistry

Photographer: In Style Imagery

Jareth's Mask: Morphstore

Photos c/o In Style Imagery / Video c/o Elmwood Forest Productions


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