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Interview: The Creator and Producers of Hulu's 'Solar Opposites' Halloween Special

Image courtesy of Hulu

By Josh Taylor

Solar Opposites, the adult animated comedy show about a family of aliens forced to stay on Earth, just wrapped up their third season for Hulu and, as part of the annual Huluween, now has a classic Halloween special. Creator Mike McMahan and producers Danielle Uhalrik and Josh Bycel sat down with Creepy Kingdom to discuss what makes their new special a must-watch this season. Mahan stated, “In the Solar Opposites spirit, it should feel like on the outside this is one of those classic Halloween specials, but then when you watch it, it feels like chaos!” The folks behind Solar Opposites are big fans of annual Halloween episodes and specials and when the format of the show changes slightly, like with The Simpsons’ classic Treehouse of Horror episodes. In part, the title A Sinister Halloween Scary Solar Opposites Special is a tribute to those episodes and specials while also being completely silly. Mahan wanted to make it clear that “ Our Halloween special is sincerely celebrating Halloween and also super stupid at the same time. A lot of people try to make these things really important, but not as many people try to be silly and stupid and just make it a riot and have fun with it which is how we wanted to celebrate Halloween.”

Image courtesy of Hulu

“We get to push what we normally do during the regular season and just have fun,” Uhalrik said. The animation team played around with the aesthetic of the show and changed up the format. This is not the normal Solar Opposites you might be used to if you’ve watched, but at it’s heart there’s still a story about aliens learning to celebrate Halloween. Uhalrik exclaimed, “The writing room just went crazy because it was so fun to just think of all of our favorite holiday tropes and try to beat them and literally undercut them…or even murder them!” Bycel was ecstatic about the opportunity to work on the special and bring in features not usually normal for the show but still fitting. The chance to revisit what made Halloween both spooky and fun as children brought their writer’s room ideas to life. “ I think all of us remembered the Crypt Keeper from when we were kids, You're supposed to be really afraid of him, but also you're laughing at it. That's one of the reasons that we wanted to bring the Crypt Keeper back and we got the original voice of the Crypt Keeper, John Kassir, back to do it.” The special is filled with plenty of easter eggs and parodies. It’s both something new as well as a tribute to all of those things we love during the Halloween season. It promises a scary fun time that doesn’t take itself seriously, much like the creators themselves. Bycel stated “I would suggest eating 15 Snickers before you watch. A full sugar high, the watch.” Mahan followed with “Put a toothbrush and a nickel in your trick-or-treat bag. Something you wouldn’t want. Really replicate that Halloween feeling”

Image courtesy of Hulu

A Sinister Halloween Scary Solar Opposites Special is now streaming on Hulu.


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