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Hulu's Original Series 'Connect' Now Streaming

Based on a webtoon by Shin Dae-sung, all six episodes of the Korean thriller directed by prolific Japanese director Takashi Miike ("Audition," "Ichi the Killer," "First Love," "Blade of the Immortal") is now available to stream on Hulu.

Image courtesy of Hulu

"Connect" stars Jung Haein (“Snowdrop," “Something in the Rain”) as Ha Dongsoo - a new immortal mankind called ‘Connect’ kidnapped by a gang of organ harvesters who are determined to take his eyes. After suddenly waking on an operating table following the surgery, Dongsoo is able to escape without one eye and later discovers that he can still see out of his missing eye, which is now being used by a serial killer who has been terrorizing the residents of Seoul. Determined to get back what was taken, Dongsoo will pursue the serial killer, taking whatever steps are necessary to make himself whole again

Cast: Jung Haein, Ko Kyungpuo, and Kim Hyejun ("Inspector Koo")

Directed by: Takashi Miike


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