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Haunted Houses Go Virtual with HauntPortal

Afraid fear itself might be canceled this Halloween? Fear not! With AUGXIST HauntPortal you can attend this season’s top-rated haunted attractions from the comfort and safety of your very own home. Launched October 26, allows individual users—alongside up to five friends—to browse an online catalog of the nation’s spookiest haunted houses and theme parks, purchase tickets, and embark on private walkthroughs of selected venues, all without the need for specialty equipment.

Available on desktop or mobile devices, HauntPortal users can hear and interact with one another as they navigate some of the most sinister locations in the world—warn friends of the dangers lurking around every corner, then react to their screams as if you were standing right next to them! Developed with the latest in “Remote Presence” technology, HauntPortal delivers an immersive “it’s like you’re really there” Virtual Reality experience that’s sure to get your skin crawling in no time.

The following attractions will be immediately accessible upon launch:

• Pennhurst Asylum – Spring City, PA:

Coming soon:

Woods of Terror – Greensboro, NC:

• The Mortuary – New Orleans, LA :

Bennett’s Curse – Baltimore County, MD:

• The Haunt – Grand Rapids, MI

“Like many small business owners, I’ve worried about the ramifications of COVID-19 on our entire industry,” said Eric Hagood, owner/operator of the Sacramento-based scare park DireWorld and developer of AUGXIST. “We’re excited about HauntPortal’s potential to revolutionize the virtual and live events space. We can’t wait to bring Halloween to life in living rooms across the country—not just this season, but on haunted days of all varieties in the months and years to come.”

How it Works:

The HauntPortal OTT platform supplies users with a catalog of haunted attractions, all of which have been captured in cinematic Virtual Reality via the Insta360 Titan Professional 360 VR 3D camera in order to provide a groundbreaking immersive and social online experience. Users enter the site, browse available attractions, select an attraction, and invite up to five friends to purchase individual tickets.

All members of a group log on and enter the same virtual Lobby. Once inside, guests are able to hear and speak to one another in a group audio chat. As soon as each ticket-holder has signed on, any member of the group may select “Enter Portal” to begin the 360 video playback. Users will continue communicating via audio chat and/or video, as they navigate the attraction, collectively experiencing the frights, thrills, terrors, and jump-scares. At the end of the experience, users are directed back to the Lobby, where they may choose to go again (each ticket provides unlimited re-entries for 48 hours), invite new friends to join, or browse for and purchase tickets to different attractions.

Coming Soon: Augxist will be offering HauntPortal on SideQuest, where you can take your experience to the next level inside your VR headset! 3D capabilities will also be launched for mobile and desktop.


AUGXIST is a forward-thinking virtual reality and live events entertainment company poised to change the way consumers feel about digital meetups and online connection. The company’s debut online offering, HauntPortal, is the result of a licensed partnership with AVATOUR, the world’s first multi-party immersive remote presence service (created by Imeve and the leaders of the Nokia OZO program). AUGXIST is headquartered in Sacramento, Calif. To learn more, visit

About Eric Hagood:

Sacramento native Eric Hagood picked up his first camera at age ten and went on to create more than 50 short films in 15 years alongside his first professional collaborators (his brothers), cementing his love for narrative storytelling. As a Director and Director of Photography for the MotorTrend Group and TEN: The Enthusiast Network, as well as a freelance editor and camera operator, Eric has played a role in the creation of countless commercials, indie films, and television shows, and collaborated with brands including Jaguar, Dodge RAM, Dairy Queen, Good American, Skims, and SnackNation. In 2012 he expanded his passion for storytelling to the live events space, becoming an owner of Callson Manor Haunted House and later founding DireWorld Scare Park, which grew to become one of the largest haunted theme parks in Northern California.


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