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DIY Dollar Store Jason Mask - Halloween at Home

Hey, y'all! I'm going to show you how to transform a cheap dollar store "Scary Mask" into something closer to what you'd see in a slasher movie. 

I based the mask for this project on the one seen in Freddy vs Jason, but you can base it on your favorite film in the series or even create your own design. 

These are the tools I used to create my mask: 

Acrylic paints (various colors)

Yellow watercolor

White Gesso

Precision Knife

Index cards

Hot glue gun


Mod Podge 

Assorted paintbrushes

I don't like how flat these masks are so my first step was to warm up the plastic in a 185° oven for 5/10 minutes. The oven will also melt the glue on the straps so you can reattach them later. I then slightly bent the sides and ran the mask under cold water to reshape it. 

The next step is to use sandpaper to sand the entire front of the mask, this will allow the paint to adhere better to the plastic. This is also when I used a precision knife to add some deeper scratches to the surface to give the mask some age 

When it's fully sanded you'll want to do a layer of primer, I used an acrylic gesso but you could also use a spray primer.

Once your primer has finished drying it's time to add the chevrons to the mask. I ran out of masking tape so I cut out a stencil with index cards. I used red acrylic paint and a sponge brush to fill in the stencil, it doesn't have to be perfect as this will add to the weathered look of the mask. 

This part is my favorite, weathering. This is where you'll add several layers of paint to give it that grungy dirty look. Start by highlighting the scratches and holes in the mask with darker paint. Next, you'll do several layers of very watered down paint, blotting with a paper towel between coats. The last weathering I like to do is add some texture around the sides of the mask with a coarse brush with very little paint on it. 

Allow the paint to fully dry before applying a sealer to protect the paint. I used Mod Podge for mine. 

The final thing is reattaching the straps with some hot glue. 


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