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Liefeld Assembles All-Star Team for G.I Joe Snake Eyes: Deadgame Finale!

In celebration of the big finale to the best-selling G.I. Joe comic in decades, Writer/Artist Rob Liefeld has assembled an All-Star team of comic book superstars to finish the G.I. JOE SNAKE EYES: DEADGAME saga! The book will be released by Hasbro and IDW in April 2021! “The arrival of the “G.I. JOE, Real American Hero” comic book was a pinnacle of the Bronze Era of comic books!" said Liefeld. "It took fans and retailers by storm, electrifying the industry. As I approached my last issue, I wanted to do something special and unique and create a signature Bronze Era comic experience honoring the legend of G.I Joe for our big finale! I put the call out to some of the biggest and most accomplished names, specifically top inkers and embellishers who shined bright during that age. I asked them if they would each embellish one of my pages or ink a spread and I’ve been floored by both the response and the results of our collaboration! Dream come true!” Rob Liefeld and Jerry Ordway Snake Eyes: Deadgame #5 The list of all-star names joining Rob on Snake Eyes #5 includes Neal Adams, Jerry Ordway, Whilce Portacio, Karl Kesel, Joe Rubinstein, Art Thibert, Philip Tan, Dan Panosian, Dan Fraga, Ed Piskor, Jim Rugg, Tom Scioli, Cory Hamscher, Chance Wolf and a few surprises along the way! “Beyond the Bronze Era talent, I looked to include the generation that grew up on G.I. Joe like Ed Piskor, Philip Tan, Dan Fraga, Tom Scioli. Seeing all these guys jam over my pencil art and storytelling is a fantastic experience. It’s a highlight of my 34-year career and a great finish to our G.I Joe Snake Eyes finale!”

Snake Eyes: Deadgame #5 arrives in April 2021 from IDW and Hasbro!


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