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Yoga Meets Horror in the Offical Trailer for MIND BODY SPIRIT

A woman is bent in an unimaginable way while levatating off the floor
Image courtesy of Welcome Villain Films

Welcome Villain Films debuted the official trailer and poster for the yoga horror film MIND BODY SPIRIT. The supernatural screenlife shocker won the Audience Award for Best Feature at Unnamed Footage Festival 2024 and is set to release across digital platforms on May 7th.

In MIND BODY SPIRIT, the film follows Anya, an aspiring yoga influencer, as she embarks on a ritual practice left behind by her estranged grandmother. What starts as a spiritual self-help guide quickly evolves into something much more sinister. As Anya becomes obsessed with the mysterious power of the practice, she unwittingly unleashes an otherworldly entity that begins to take control of her life -- and her videos. Now, Anya must race to unlock the truth, before her descent into madness threatens to consume her mind, body and spirit.

The film, directed by Alex Henes and Matthew Merenda, stars Sarah J. Bartholomew ("The Chosen"), Madi Bready ("The Price of Fame"), and KJ Flahive.

ABOUT WELCOME VILLAIN FILMS Welcome Villain Films, who recently released Malum, Hunt Her, Kill Her, and Beaten to Death, is a fully integrated genre studio with an innovative business model and flexible approach to development, production, marketing, and strategic distribution. A destination for filmmakers with unique voices who seek a creative studio partner that embraces their visions and has the ability to deliver them to genre-hungry audiences in exciting new ways, Welcome Villain Films’ mission is to empower creators of all levels, bridging the gap between studio and artist to consistently deliver edgy and exciting films in the horror and genre space. For more information, visit 


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