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A Statement on the Future of 'Wicked Wizardry'

Hello to all of the magical people that have been following our Year of Wicked Wizardry here at Creepy Kingdom. It is with both sadness and resolve that we have decided to discontinue our celebration of all things Harry Potter and the Wizarding World. For those unaware, J.K. Rowling has made remarks that devalue and invalidate people who are trans or non-binary. We want it to be known that we stand with the trans and non-binary community, and we feel that it would be wrong to continue with this celebration in light of the comments of the Wizarding World’s creator.

Personally, I would like to note that I have been extremely proud of and touched by the members of the Harry Potter fandom that have stepped forward and denounced Rowling’s comments. For me, Harry Potter has been such a large part of my development as a human. The messaging around the power of love and inclusivity along with the tales of characters standing up to injustice and fighting for what is right has stayed with me. I speak to the Harry Potter fan community in saying let us continue to embrace the power of love. Let us continue to stand up against injustice. Let us, as a fandom, stand together, and have another's backs.

Stay magical. Stay wicked. With love, your magical professor, Tanitia.

Host of Creepy Kingdom's Wicked Wizardry Podcast and Organizer of Wands Up San Diego


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