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LA-based Darksynth duo Frank Holiday Release "Neon Plasma Poltergeist"

Summon spectral spirits to the at-home Halloween party with "Neon Plasma Poltergeist" from LA-based duo Frank Holiday.

The Darksynth horror track was born out of producer/musician Analise Nelson of The Planettes and filmmaker/horror screenwriter Sabina Graves (Something Scary) collaborating for the Halloween edition of 13 Days 13 Shorts (, a digital mini art festival put on by Omar Najam.

The duo hopes to bring you music from the voices inside Frank Holiday's head. A concept inspired by a neon Frankenstein head who dons holiday hats all year round.

Music composed by Nelson with lyrics from Graves, Frank Holiday's Neon Plasma Poltergeist is the debut needle drop from the concept project. They hope to follow the tradition of spooky musical acts that pop up once every blue moon (since we are in a blue moon week!). They cite Oingo Boingo, Deadman's Bones, Rob Zombie, GHOST, Rihanna, and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

"We're bummed we can't have dance parties with our friends this Halloween so we made a song they can dance to at home."


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