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Inside the Grand Finale: EVIL's Cast Reflects on Laughs, Scares, and Lasting Bonds

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(L-R) Katja Herbers as Kristen Bouchard, Aasif Mandvi as Ben Shakir and Mike Colter as David Acosta in EVIL | Photo Credit: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+

By Shannon McGrew

In the final season of EVIL, Kristen, David, and Ben continue to assess cases involving wayward technology, possessed pigs, demonic oppression and infestation, a dance muse conjured by alleged witches, and an evil relic.

Throughout, Leland attempts to lure Kristen into raising a baby antichrist who was conceived with her ovum. David is recruited by the Vatican's secret service to "remote view," a paranormal ability to see the unseen in order to detect evil. Ben is hit by an ion beam, causing him to see visions of a taunting jinn until he discovers an unusual solution to banish it.

Finally, all three realize they only have a few weeks left to assess cases because the parish has decided to disband the team due to a lack of funds. This culminates in one last confrontation with Leland and the 60 families that make up Evil in the modern world.

For the release of the final season of EVIL, Creepy Kingdom's Shannon McGrew spoke with actors Katja Herbers ("Kristen Bouchard"), Mike Colter ("David Acosta"), and Aasif Mandvi ("Ben Shakir"). During their chat, they discussed everything from their enthusiasm for the intense final season to the evolution of their friendship and how they would like the show to be remembered.

Thank you all so much for speaking with me today! I love the series and am so sad to see it end. Putting aside my sadness, I would love to know what you all are excited for fans to experience with the final season.

Katja Herbers: There's so much this season; it's so jam-packed that it's hard to pick something. I hope [fans] will laugh as much as they'll be scared while also rooting for us.

Aasif Mandvi: We're all facing such unique challenges this season. The show goes into the stratosphere, and it's hard to boil it down to anything because there's so much going on and so many twists and turns along the way. What I want the fans to come away with is, oh, that was a great ride! I think we stick the landing. We aren't going to close all the loopholes, all the holes, but many of them [will be]. Like Katya said, I think there's a lot of laughter and horror in it.

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(L-R) Mike Colter as David Acosta, Katja Herbers as Kristen Bouchard and Aasif Mandvi as Ben Shakir in EVIL | Photo Credit: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+

What's it been like to see your characters transform from the first season to now? How has your friendship with another grown over these past five years?

Katja Herbers: What I really like is the development of our friendship. I feel like when we first started out, we were colleagues, and I think we had instant respect for each other, but it has evolved into a very genuine, deep friendship, and I think that's really nice.

Mike Colter: We might exchange numbers, maybe we will all move in together and buy a flat [Laughs].

Aasif Mandvi: There should be a reality show of the three of us living in an apartment together making a television show.

Mike Colter: Here's the million-dollar question, Shannon: would you listen to a podcast? I'm threatening to ramble on a podcast if [EVIL] doesn't get picked up [Laughs].

Katja Herbers: I don't want to do a podcast! That's a threat [Laughs]. If Netflix or any other streaming service doesn't pick us up in 24 hours, we're going to start a podcast!

Before asking my final question, I want to say that I would 100% listen to you all do a podcast [Laughs]. I would love to talk for hours about this show, but unfortunately, my time is up. To wrap things up, let's say that the show doesn't get picked up, which would be a travesty. What are you hoping EVIL will be remembered for once it concludes?

Aasif Mandvi: It was one of the best shows ever put out on television.

Mike Colter: One of the most unique shows ever created that never was able to finish on its own terms, and they will never get over it, and they will talk about it until the day they leave planet Earth, and they'll think to themselves, is EVIL ever coming back on, before they pass out [Laughs].

Aasif Mandvi: Here's the thing: there's so much evil that we still need to talk about in the world. We still have to tell many stories, and I hope somebody picks up this [series].

Catch up on the final season of EVIL on Paramount+.


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