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Death Is With Me Teaser Trailer - True Crime Paranormal Documentary from Creepy Kingdom Studios

DEATH IS WITH ME - A film by Ryan Grulich. Coming in 2022.

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A researcher investigates hauntings attached to a 1937 murder and finds herself at the crossroads of violence, history, and the supernatural. Featuring paranormal investigator Amanda Paulson from PrettyFnSpooky.

Set deep within the trees of the Pacific Northwest is a lake so deep it’s said that parts of the bottom still haven’t been found. The coldness and stillness have claimed many lives and contain even more secrets. Legend says the lake never gives up its dead. In July 1940, the body of a local woman was found by fishermen.

She had floated up from the depths, her skin the texture of soap after 3 years at the bottom. As a crew begins an investigation of the local lore and legend, they begin to find additional mysterious stories and discover more than they bargained for. true scary stories ghost stories paranormal investigations true crime unsolved mysteries.


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