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Event Review: Creep LA

By: Kayla Caldwell

On a beautiful fall evening in Los Angeles, I stood outside of a bar called The Ghost Light, waiting with the anticipation of a kid on Christmas Eve (or the closest you get to that feeling as an adult) for CREEP LA. I’ve been eagerly awaiting haunts, and basically all events, after the year that we’ve had. But this one felt different. Disclaimer, I’ve been a massive fan of JFI Productions for a while. I went to their Lore event years ago, and have been obsessed ever since. Often, upon attending a JFI Productions event, I think, “I don’t know how they’ll manage to top this.” And yet, they always do. I realize this is a lot of buildup, but if I’m being completely honest, they’re worth the hype.

CREEP LA is in a league of its own. This season’s adventure began by entering The Three Clubs at The Ghost Light. A lively hostess greeted us, and welcomed us into her bar. Of course, that’s after we had all put on our special CREEP LA masks. Each group’s masks are a different design, which is such a clever way to not only organize, but also to help keep people safe during this never-ending pandemic.

Once inside the bar, you have some time to mingle with the lost souls trapped within. You can also grab some drinks, and hit the photo booth. Chat with the people in the bar - they can help you learn more about “the calling” and “the hollow house.” We spoke for a while with a lovely woman named Ginger, who slipped us a note. Sal, the strong silent type, seemed to take a liking to my friend, and “The Plaything” was giving off some chaotic Aubrey Plaza vibes (I’m not complaining.). After a bit of mingling, our time had come, and we were ushered into a different room, in which the brilliant minds at JFI had created a spooky, little town. I’m telling you, the detail here is unreal. You really feel completely immersed in this mystical and frightening narrative.

I want to keep the spoilers to a minimum, because it really is such a special show. I wouldn’t want to ruin it. You’ll notice if you go on the CREEP LA website, that they’ve released very little information about this show. And, honestly, that’s the best way to experience it.

EIC Kayla Caldwell, Shannon McGrew of Nightmarish Conjurings
EIC Kayla Caldwell, Shannon McGrew of Nightmarish Conjurings

CREEP LA hits on all cylinders, a feast for all of the senses, and yes, that includes taste and smell. The groups are small, so you don’t feel trapped or like you’re on top of anyone. And masks were worn.

CREEP LA is a pricey ticket, but one look at all of the set pieces they’ve created, and you’ll know the ticket was worth it. And that’s even before factoring in how amazing the actors are. They’re so thrilling to interact with. I could have honestly just hung out in that bar all night, and still felt satisfied. Of course, that would have meant missing out on a hell of a ride.

If you have the chance to check out CREEP LA, it is one event that I can say with certainty will feel worth the ticket price. I could not recommend this more. CREEP LA runs select dates through October 31. If you’re interested, I would recommend snagging a ticket soon, as they are almost entirely sold out already.


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