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Meet The Stars Of 'The Villains Lair' And Catch The First Episode Of Season 2

Leading up to the season two premiere of PattyCake Productions The Villains Lair on YouTube, Jaimz Dillman interviewed some of the web series' main cast. Below you can learn more about T. Robert "Robby" Pigott, James Keaton, Chris Michael Ross, Helaina Wize, and Kim Zurzolo. Don't forget to check out the first episode of season two of The Villains Lair (above).

Kim Zurzolo

When you're a little girl competing in step dancing about 30 kilometers from Dublin, becoming one of the most recognizable Halloween icons in the world isn't even in your imagination. But that's exactly what happened to Kim Zurzolo some years later in the house of mouse - oh, and she won that dancing world championship title, too... READ MORE.

Helaina Wize

Few roads from Amish Country in Oxford, Pennsylvania lead to Main Street USA, but that's the path Helaina Wize found. She says she quite literally stumbled into entertainment. Now she is portraying one of the nastiest moms in villain history for PattyCake Productions, but growing up, she attended dance classes in her town studio. After a trip to the happiest place on Earth in high school, Wize got the bug to work for the mouse. Once at Penn State, she found a place in the famous college program of Disney World, landing a job driving the trams. "People would tell me I'm such a ham on the mic to the guests, I should try out for entertainment..." READ MORE.

Chris Michael Ross

If anyone has ever benefitted from being in the right place at the right time, Chis Michael Ross is the master. Growing up in Peoria, Illinois, he lived between the world of sports and theater. Once he was cast in his first big play, he had to make a painful decision. "I had to have a talk with my coach, Tony Wysinger. He was real dope about it, and said he was there to raise me to be a young man. If theater was where I needed to be then do it..." READ MORE.

James Keaton

One must be careful when speaking about James Keaton. You see, Keaton is such a local theme park legend, he's pretty much the face of anything you've seen in the media or on stage in the last 20 years or so... READ MORE.

T. Robert "Robby" Pigott

Anyone within two feet of T. Robert "Robby" Pigott is treated to his infectious laughter within five minutes. The character actor with PattyCake Productions has a laidback approach to life, adopted from growing up in Hawaii. Moving there at a young age from Connecticut made him a Hauli (new comer) among the locals, and having white-blond hair didn't make him stand out any less. Joining the local community theater gave Pigott his first taste of show business, and he hasn't stopped since... READ MORE.


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