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Creepy Kingdom's Holiday Gift Guide

Need to find the perfect gift for that spooky special someone? Maybe there's a loved one on your list that is always difficult to shop for? Look no further than our Holiday Gift Guide! Curated by the CK contributors, this is where you will discover some of their favorite small businesses.

Twitter/IG: @DiscountCemetery

"Horror. Science Fiction. Punk Rock. We believe these things can create a much-needed commentary that can and does, in fact, change the world. We want to do our part to bring forth positive change by creating quality clothing that is as unique as you are."

IG: @seanceperfumes

"Seance crafts vegan-friendly products that are honestly and responsibly made. Those wishing to simplify their lives and avoid harsh, synthetic chemicals common to the cosmetic and fragrance industry will be able to enjoy each and every one of our treasures. All perfumes are made with coconut and essential oils, as well as organic fragrance oils, and candles are produced with natural soy wax. Within our walls, the old ways are not forgotten."


Bring home your favorite scent for the holidays!

Photo Courtesy of Magic Candle Company

IG: @poltergeistsandparamours

"Poltergeists and Paramours began in 2016 when I found myself frustrated at the lack of horror lingerie on the market. If you could find it, it would only be around Halloween and most likely it was a cheaply made costume item. I taught myself to sew from watching youtube videos. Within six months I was already being commissioned by friends to make them their own special horror-inspired lingerie. By 2018, I was doing this full time. By 2019 we've done 6 fashion shows at major horror conventions on the west coast and have appeared in film and tv. This company is still growing and evolving and I'm so proud of how far we've come. It's still just me sewing all your spooky goodies and providing customer service but the future of P&P is bright! "

IG: @hausofhoodoo

"✶ Vodou Manbo & Houngan 🇭🇹🇩🇴

✶ FreeMason | Grande Loge D’Ayiti 1961 🇭🇹

✶ Apothecary & Botánica 🌿"

IG: @coffeeshopofhorrors

"Welcome to the Coffee Shop of Horrors where we’ve been selling frighteningly good coffee since 2007!

Quiver in fear at our variety of beans from around the world (our Latin American beans are Fair Trade)! Tremble in terror when you witness our plethora of flavored coffees! Scream in horror when confronted with our certified organic tea!

Based out of Orlando, Florida (and if Orlando doesn’t scare you, nothing will), we ship only the freshest coffee and tea across the US and Canada. We roast our beans to order and grind to your specifications if you desire, so you’ll always get the best tasting cup of java from our beans. We will sell nothing that’s over 30 days old. Anything older than that, we face the horror, and drink it ourselves, so that we can order in fresh for you! That’s the kind of sacrifice we’re willing to make for you.

So come on in and get your coffee and tea from us, before the thing sneaking up behind your back gets you! Eeek!"

IG: @strangecvlt

"Footwear company based in Los Angeles, CA. For all the weirdos in the world!"

IG: @horriblyeclectic

"Horribly Eclectic is a collection of creations by independent, Los Angeles-based artist Danni Doll.

I love stories.

Most of my work reflects this. The things that I love, and love to create, usually have their roots in mythology, fairy tales, and classic children’s literature. I love the older, weirder versions of these tales.... they are so imaginative and fun, yet scary, and chock full of the craziest assortment of critters and characters!

I like to think about how those creatures would WORK if they were “real”. So much of the detail is left out. I get immense pleasure out of filling in the gaps with my own narrative and creating a little sub-world in the land of stories.

**Please feel free to contact me for custom orders, I’m very friendly!**"

IG: @spooksieboo

"Kimberly's art has grown over the years into a full-time profession. You can

find her art at select events throughout California almost every weekend of the year or online. During the week she focuses on creating new art, processing online orders, and connecting with her customers/followers on Instagram. Her biggest reward when sharing her art is seeing the smiles it brings to those that approach it. Kimberly hopes to one day work in the animation industry, preferably featuring her original characters. "

IG: @lilmissoddities

One of a kind creations for the home.

"Being a lover of the dark and unusual has always played an important part to my art. That love in conjunction with the various mediums we purvey has given us many forms to share that love with you. From Electro-formed Jewelry, to unique housewares, to original paintings, Lil Miss Oddities can bring a lil bit of dark and unusual into your life."

IG: @divadreads

“Diva Dreads is a family owned business consisting of a mother and her two daughters. For the last 6 years Diva Dreads have created hair adornment for fun or everyday use. Diva Dreads was created with various goals in mind. First, the creators of Diva Dreads want to share their culture with others. Secondly, the creators of Diva Dreads want to shatter the negative stereotypes associated with braids and dreads. Thirdly, the creators of Diva Dreads want women to achieve beautiful hairstyles without causing damage to their natural hair. Finally, the creators of Diva Dreads want all women to feel beautiful by displaying the unique characteristics and personalities in their hairstyles.”

IG: @Hedgemade

“Through a vast forest of redwood trees, over poppy-covered hills that linger among a winding highway that skims the California coast up through vistas of forests, wild rocky beaches, and snow capped mountains of Oregon. These are places where Kaela draws her inspiration and where she sources ingredients for Hedgemade Goods.”

IG: @btland

FB: @brokentoyland

"It's a story of heartbreak and healing, acceptance and hope.

Each is a one of a kind original, signed and dated painting. Please check the descriptions for sold status. I can also do replicas if you missed getting the one you want. I will be producing these from now until the middle of December. I can do custom orders, too. Just contact me. "

FB: Spice Traders Tea

“Spice Traders Teas is a unique family-owned company that offers personal blends of teas and spices. Our goal is quality and customer service. We strive to continue offering the freshest and tastiest specialty blend teas and spices possible! A few blends: Tortuga Truffle, Shipwrecked (hangover cure), Thai Chai and oh so many more."

Unusual home decor with a Gothic flair.

FB/IG: @expeditionroasters

Twitter: @@expeditionroaster

"Since 2014 when we started our small online specialty coffee shop to provide not only outstanding coffee and unmatched customer service, but also to create the next big thing in coffee by doing something that hadn't been done before. By combining our premium hand-crafted coffees with art and story we pioneered what we call Themed Coffees™. This creation combines all your senses of sight, smell, imagination and of course taste all coming together to create an immersive experience. Since then we've also expanded our line to handcrafted whole leaf teas with the same passion for art, story and theming."

The stunning artwork on our bags are created by guest artists and features a tale of adventure making each bag a collectible in and of its self. Each roast or tea blend is carefully selected to complement the theme and story of each bag. Expedition Roasters quality is not just a perfectly roasted coffee or crafted tea for your life, but a passion we're happy to share with you.

A love of great coffee and a passion for story and art is what sets our coffees and teas apart from the rest. With Expedition Roasters, there's an adventure in every bag. To learn more about how we strive to bring sustainability to our business, click here. BREW YOUR HAPPY PLACE®"

Freakshow Designs and Sideshow Sauces

IG: @sideshowsauces

Carefully curated hot sauce for that capsaicin loving fiend in your life.

Twitter/IG: @megraeart

"Megan Rae Schroeder, Illustration & Design

Megan Rae Schroeder graduated from Tarrant County College in 2015 with an Associates of Arts while studying Visual Arts and Communication Design. Her graphic design work focuses on logo design, promotional graphics, and layouts. She has been working as a graphic designer full time since 2017 but also has a long history in painting and illustration. For fun, she competes in Dance Dance Revolution tournaments and plays Dungeons and Dragons with her close friends on the weekends."

IG/Etsy: @GOREnaments

"Have yourself a scary little Christmas with the one and only GOREnaments!! Your one stop shop for all things twisted this holiday season"

IG: @dapperdigstradingco

"Stand out in the crowd with clothing and accessories inspired by your favorite theme parks, rides, and childhood characters. We feature new products every month with relatable and exciting unique style and comfort! Be the trendiest person at the parks with Dapper Digs!"

IG: @chromemonarchy

"Holographic Wearable Art

• Armor Couture

• Artisan Fashion

• Woman Owned & Operated 🏻

• Hand Crafted with Love in San Francisco

• Custom Design Commissions Available

• Payment Plans Available

FB: @hexennacht.scents

These small batch, hand crafted scents will appease even the most discerning nose. Please visit the Scent Description page for a detailed list.

"Indie perfumery. Est. 2010, ranging from the weird to wonderful (or both). Made in small batches. Currently operating from occupied Chumash land. "

Photo Courtesy of Hexennacht


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