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Cinespia Announces Encore Screenings to Close Out 22nd Season at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Image courtesy of Cinespia

Cinespia, LA’s favorite cinematic experience presented by Amazon Studios, has announced additional screenings in October with Halloween (1978) (10/14) at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, The Ring (10/20) at Los Angeles State Historic Park, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (10/21) at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, and Rosemary’s Baby (10/31) at The Orpheum Theatre.

"We're excited to reveal our haunting lineup for the Halloween season," said Cinespia founder, John Wyatt. "This marks Cinespia's debut at the renowned Orpheum Theatre, and we can't wait to conjure up unforgettable cinematic experiences for all in attendance."

Saturday, October 14th - Halloween (1978) at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Oh brother! Spend the night with cinema’s deadliest schlock-blocker in a landmark cemetery. A murderous psychopath is on the loose and knows where to go next. Who says you can’t go home again? Can virginal smartie Jamie Lee Curtis stop the madness before the next slash and grab? With John Carpenter's masterful directing, you’ll have to see things from Michael Myers’s POV. Everyone's entitled to one good scare each Halloween. And that’s final, girl. Halloween mask up for a scare a minute, or wear your costume of choice. Picnics are welcome, or stop by our various stands for concessions candies, popcorn, nachos, grilled goodness, beer and wine. Heads will roll with soul-rattling DJ sets before and after the film.

Friday, October 20th - The Ring at Los Angeles State Historic Park.

Video kills the movie stars in the early aughts thriller that proves cinema isn’t dead, it murders! Naomi Watts gives a heart-stopping performance as a journalist who discovers a tape that’s not just viral, but deadly. Can she get to the bottom of the mysterious spirit that kills anyone who watches a spectral VHS? She has 10 days or her family will meet the same fate. Who says there’s nothing good on TV? See the deliriously delightful thriller you can’t unsee, in view of the downtown skyline at LA State Historic Park. DJ sets bring the spooky season to life, while our Full Bar will help put color back into scared faces. Trick or treat, our Concessions Stand has many good things to eat. Step into the madness in our Free Photobooth.

Saturday, October 21st - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Something wizardly this way comes as our Harry Potter tradition continues for the fifth year! Are the rumors true? Is the boy who lives now the boy who lies? After a public altercation causes Harry to be a social pariah, the Ministry of Magic occupies Hogwarts. But everything isn’t as it seems when Harry discovers a nefarious link between him and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Can Harry and co work their magic against the Ministry of Magic to drain the swamp? Why philosophize when so much has been prophesied? You won’t believe the climactic showdown. Invite your friends, family and housemates for a night of surprises. Party before and after the film with DJ sets, themed treats, and a bar for special concoctions. Our free Photobooth might give you a glimpse into your future.

**A portion of sales will be donated to the ACLU in support of trans rights.

Tuesday, October 31st - Rosemary’s Baby at The Orpheum Theatre.

You’re invited to celebrate a special delivery—from hell. A young couple moves into a spooky building with an infamous past. After a monstrous, hallucinatory night, Rosemary (Mia Farrow) learns of a pregnancy that turns her saccharine life into something sinister. Is it paranoia that makes Rosemary suspicious of her neighbors, or is there cause for satanic panic? Ruth Gordon terrifies as a brassy, brazen hellhound who could convince anyone to down some chocolate mouse. Hell, she won an Academy Award for the role. The horror! Brush up on your anagrams and brace yourself for a helluva night with devilish flair at the gorgeous Orpheum Theatre. Frightful surprises around every corner brings the movie inferno to life for a Halloween lover’s party paradise. Our full bar has anything you could desire, including themed cocktails (gin and tannis, anyone?). Dance with the devil to DJ sets before and after the film. Enjoy food so good, you’ll think you’re seeing things. Pay your respects in our free Photobooth or face the consequences. Dress for a Halloween party or don your Vidal Sassoon pixie cut. Invite all of them witches, your killer cult, and your sordid soulmate for a night unlike any other. You’ve come a long way, baby.

Cinespia is partnering with Coca-Cola® and Tony’s Chocolonely who will be popping up with exclusive products at the concession stands.

What began with a screening of Strangers on a Train for a few hundred people has become a Los Angeles institution, hosting hundreds of thousands of moviegoers on the famed Fairbanks Lawn. Now the most popular outdoor cinema event in Southern California, Cinespia is celebrated by fans and filmmakers for hosting a relaxed, off-beat experience. Welcoming up to 4,000 moviegoers per night, guests are invited to bring their own blankets, food, and drinks (including beer and wine), before settling in under the stars for a classic (and sometimes campy) cinematic experience. The magic of Hollywood’s most memorable moments is heightened by the roar of the crowd and movies on the big screen. Every screening also features world class DJ talent to keep the crowd buzzing before and after the main event.

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