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Rogue Artists Ensemble presents a One-Night-Only Carnival Party ‘Carousel of Fools’ at the Santa Monica Pier Carousel

Rogue Artists Ensemble is kicking off 2024 with a one-night-only immersive carnival party CAROUSEL OF FOOLS at the Santa Monica Pier in the historic Looff Hippodrome on Thursday, January 25, 2024 from 8pm-11pm.

Featuring new original interactive performances and visits from colorful characters of Rogue past, CAROUSEL OF FOOLS immerses party-goers into a timeless sideshow atmosphere. It’s the dead of winter and a 100-year-old carousel calls out to you to take a ride. But choose your horse wisely – as the world spins, a curious carnival erupts from the boardwalk of Time itself. Lost in a night of mayhem and wonderment, will you become an oddity, a star, or a mark?

Come for the drinks and rigged midway games, stay for the encounters with mermaids and monsters, and stay even longer for the intimate never-before-seen performances, interactive experiences, and late-night rides on the historic Santa Monica Carousel. A bit of wicked and a dash of mischief included for no additional cost. The night will include a special taste of Rogues’ work in development, Schlitzie: Alive and Inside the Decaying Sideshow.

Tickets start at $40, which includes pop up performances and carousel rides. Ticket levels cover a range of activities and carnival experiences, with the top tier $240 tickets including unlimited carousel rides, special performance tickets, and a unique VIP immersive story set in macabre underbelly of the sideshow. Tickets and information will be available at  


• Thursday, January 25, 2024, 8pm-11pm


Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier, The Looff Hippodrome

380 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA 90401-3128


• $40 - $240

Rogue Artists Ensemble differs from other theater companies in that it's run by a collective of multidisciplinary artists and designers rather than by actors, writers or directors. By combining ancient storytelling techniques (music, dance, masks, puppetry) with modern technology (digital media, special effects and theatrical illusions), the Rogues cultivate a unique style of live performance unlike any other. Since 2002, the Rogues have created nearly 30 original works and collaborated with hundreds of artists and community members. Rogue Artists Ensemble creates “Hyper-theater”: original, immersive, multi-dimensional experiences that celebrate the complexity and diversity of Los Angeles.


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