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You’re Invited to “Malvolia’s Halloween Party”

By John Duarte

Good evening Boils & Ghouls!, Malvolia: Queen of Screams has cordially invited you to her third annual Halloween party! 

This party is filled with fun and…”Killer” games to die for. When a young woman named Jessie is on a mission to crash the party after finding the location via the dark web, she shows up geeking out seeing everything in real life but forgets that Malvolia and her creepy friends have something up their sleeves. Get ready for a creepy fun episode that’ll make you shiver with delight and jump for joy at the outcome. 

Starring Jennifer Nangle as Malvolia (who also created the series as well as wrote this episode) and directed by Paul Stephen Edwards (who shot & edited this episode). Produced by Jennifer Nangle, Reyna Meree Velarde, Hunter Johnson, and Paul Stephen Edwards. Co-starring Sarah Shultz with practical special effects by Chronix EFX.

You can watch “Malvolia’s Halloween Party” below!


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