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Jane Schoenbrun's 'We're All Going To The World's Fair,' Releasing Later This Month

Check out the trailer for Jane Schoenbrun's horror film WE'RE ALL GOING TO THE WORLD'S FAIR, in theaters and streaming nationwide on April 22nd.

Synopsis: Late on a cold night somewhere in the U.S., teenage Casey sits alone in her attic bedroom, scrolling the internet under the glow-in-the-dark stars and black-light posters that blanket the ceiling. She has finally decided to take the World’s Fair Challenge, an online role-playing horror game, and embrace the uncertainty it promises.

Jane Schoenbrun (Writer, Director, Editor) is a non-binary filmmaker who co-created the ongoing touring variety series The Eyeslicer, a collaboration with hundreds of filmmakers including David Lowery, Ari Aster, Shaka King, Jennifer Reeder, Bridey Elliott, and many more. In 2018,

Jane is the director of the feature documentary A Self-Induced Hallucination (Rotterdam 2019), a producer on Aaron Schimberg’s Chained for Life (Kino Lorber, 2019), an EP on season one of Terence Nance’s Random Acts of Flyness (HBO, 2018), and the creator of the omnibus ‘dream film’ collective:unconscious (SXSW 2016).

"An original vanguard vision. A sad, transfixing, and ultimately perceptive movie about the way that the internet has fundamentally reshaped communication and maybe our relationship to reality, too." - A.A. Dowd, The A.V. Club

Written/Directed by: Jane Schoenbrun

Starring: Anna Cobb, Michael J. Rogers


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