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Walt Disney World Turns 50

CK's Ryan & James with their pals Danielle & Stacey in their own Haunted Mansion stretching room in 2017.

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World, the most creepiest place on earth! From The Haunted Mansion, to Tower of Terror, to It's Tough to be a bug, it's hard to argue with that statement! It's pretty safe to say that along with Disneyland, there would be no Creepy Kingdom without Walt Disney World. The inspiration for this entire company was celebrating the spookiest parts of the vacation kingdom!

We always have and we always will continue to celebrate the magic of the Disney theme parks, but we want to take a moment and celebrate this incredible milestone. Here are some of our staff and contributors' favorite photos of themselves in Walt Disney World!

JHC2 2014

Tim & Gretchen 2017

Tanitia 2019

Grant and JHC2 2017

Johnnie 2017

Tiffany 2020

Sara 2021


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