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Wax Works POV Walk Through - Knott's Scary Farm 2023

🕯️ Prepare to step into the nightmarish world of "Wax Works" at Knott's Scary Farm! Join us on a spine-tingling journey through a creepy wax museum where dread awaits around every corner. But be warned, for there's a back room that holds a sinister secret: patrons may just become part of the grotesque masterpiece.

🕯️ It's said that blood-curdling screams echo through the museum's eerie halls as victims are condemned to a scalding cauldron of bubbling wax. "Wax Works" offers an experience like no other, where terror and artistry collide in a macabre dance.

🕯️ Nothing can hold a candle to the horrors that await inside. From the imposing façade to the spectacular wax artwork, every detail is designed to send shivers down your spine. You'll come face to face with the horribly disfigured artist, Dr. Augustus Scratch, who's on the hunt for fresh materials to craft his next nightmarish creation.

🕯️ Are you brave enough to explore the sinister secrets of "Wax Works," or will you become part of Dr. Scratch's ghastly gallery? Let's uncover the twisted artistry together! 💀🖼️


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