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AI-Generated Documentary 'Immortal Obsession: A History of Vampires' Out Now

Following the success of The UFO Chronicles: A History of Mysterious Sightings — the first documentary feature written, illustrated, and performed entirely by AI — ThoughyFly Films has harnessed the cutting-edge technology to create another film.

Immortal Obsession: A History of Vampires explores the classic monster's captivating history, from their origins in ancient folklore to their enduring role in modern pop culture.

Innovative filmmaker Brian Cunningham utilized ChatGPT to write a compelling script, a video generator to create a lifelike host, an art generator to provide striking illustrations, and a music engine to compose a dynamic score. Cunningham's human touch was used to refine the script and edit together all of the AI-produced assets.

"Immortal Obsession is a thrilling example of how AI can take filmmaking to the next level," explains Cunningham. "By using cutting-edge technology, we've created a film that's both scary and sophisticated — just like vampires themselves.”

Sink your teeth into Immortal Obsession: A History of Vampires on Prime Video.


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