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Gravitas Ventures and 3rd Fathom Films have partnered together to release Taylor Ri'chard's latest work, HALLOWED BE THEY NAME A spine-chilling horror film that blends cinematic suspense with urban legends and old-school American terror to create an impressive next-level supernatural thriller.

Devin is a teenage boy who must find a way to save himself and his friends, after disturbing the rest of an ancient demon. Devin’s challenge becomes increasingly more difficult as the deity becomes more deadly with every passing minute. This powerful and thought-provoking film explores the oppositional forces of Nature vs The Encroachment of Man.

Superstition, magic, and bad decisions drive us down a road into a small rural town where Devin’s life begins to unfold quickly. Following his parents’ nasty divorce, the 17-year-old boy is uprooted from Chicago and hauled to his mother’s hometown to live with his grandmother. While battling discomfort and dissatisfaction, Devin crosses paths with two local teens, Mick and Skylar. Risky curiosities link the three young people together and drags them through an unexpected and daringly dark journey. Together, the teens toss caution to the wind and venture into a forsaken cave believed to be haunted. The teens meet CAUCHEMAR, a legendary demon that wreaks havoc on all it encounters. They learn quickly that sometimes in life we must allow nature to take its course since some things just aren’t meant to be. Have you ever heard the saying “When man plans, God laughs?” – This statement has never been truer than in this story.

After all, some prayers aren’t meant to be answered. Can Devin, Mick, Skylar, and the town amend their decisions, or will the outcome be far too detrimental to repair? Will evil prevail? Will anyone survive or will the entire town be anguished?

Notable stars in the film are Collin Shephard as Devin, Alissa Hale as Skylar, Bryen Lenis as Mick, Hal Whiteside as Robert Freeman, Bill Barrett as CAUCHEMAR, Mamie Morgan as Miss Jess, Lolita Price as Lea, Zander Krenger as Jude, Bailey Campbell as Aiden, and Fiona McQuinn as Jo.

The film will be available on June 2, 2020. The film is set to release on several primary interactive video on demand platforms as well as video on demand platforms prior to becoming available on home video.


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