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Trailer Released for Short Horror Film 'Biters and Bleeders'

New 32 and co-director Charlie Carson Monroe have released the first-look trailer and stills for Biters & Bleeders, a new short which chronicles a couple on the edge who attempt to reconnect at the family home they recently inherited.

Biters & Bleeders is written by Charlie Carson Monroe, who shared directing duties with Raven Angeling Whisnant. Biters & Bleeders is the debut horror short film from New 32, a newly-launched, queer-owned, independent film company based in North Carolina. The film is executive produced by Stanley Monroe, Raven Angeline Whisnant, Charlie Carson Monroe and Peter Zale. Whisnant stars as the entrapped wife, with Christopher Malcolm as her domineering husband and Joyce Wood as his mother.

Beneath the thin veneer of their marriage lies a rotting core of regret, frustration, and contempt. Tad (Malcolm) and Penelope (Whisnant) have fallen on hard times. When Tad’s mother unexpectedly dies and Tad comes into possession of his stately family home, he believes it will be the key to solving everything. But what awaits them in that house is not salvation. What awaits them is the final push that will finally send them toppling over that razor-thin edge into the unknown. An infestation of monstrous bed bugs eat through the home and Penelope’s psyche. She becomes increasingly desperate for any escape from the countless new bites, the constant feeling of something crawling across her skin, the punishing summer heat, her husband. It’s time for Penelope to purge herself.

Biters & Bleeders will debut on the festival circuit this year.


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