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Watch The Trailer For Thriller 'Those Who Walk Away'

Directed by: Robert Rippberger

Written by: Robert Rippberger and Spencer Moleda

Starring: Booboo Stewart and Scarlett Sperduto

828 Media Capital presents VMI's THOSE WHO WALK AWAY, which follows Max and Avery on their first date. After meeting on a social media app, their evening takes a perilous turn when they end up at a local haunted house, the home of ‘Rotcreep’, a sinister creature that rots your body and soul with one touch. As the night turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse, Max and Avery begin to realize the trauma they share may either save them or erupt into an unforgettable nightmare.

RT: 94 Minutes | Not Yet Rated

Genre: Horror/Thriller

THOSE WHO WALK AWAY is directed by Robert Rippberger. Written by Rippberger and Spencer Moleda. Produced by KT Kent and Rippberger. Co-produced by Sandeep Sekhar. Executive Produced by Jeremy Walton, David Lyons, Todd Lundbohm, Mark Andrews, Eric Eppinger, Ge Gru, Stephanie Denton, Jay Burnley, Chelsea Tieu, Gaurav Bhatnagar, and Jarnell Stokes. Cinematography by Diego Cordero. Edited by Gabriel Cullen. Music by Dmitrii Miachin. Financing provided by 828 Media Capital. An SIE Films, Argentic Production. In Association with Sandeep Sekhar Films and Slated.


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