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"The Wave" Review

By Roxy Tart

THE WAVE, a new Indie Sci-Fi Comedy directed by Gille Klabin was a total mind f*ck in the best way possible. But if you’re thinking about seeing it while high, don’t! The movie is 80% bad trip, and while the visual effects are awesome, the story will seriously harsh your vibe. Don’t let that stop you from seeing it though. A great script, solid acting, beautiful visuals, and a compelling story all make for a fun movie with some really cool twists.

Justin Long plays corporate lawyer Frank, a pretty normal guy who thinks he’s a nice person. Unfortunately for him, the Universe doesn’t agree, and when he and his coworker/best friend Jeff (Donald Faison) decide to go out and celebrate Frank’s big break at work (a discovery that will save his company a ton of money, but ruin the lives of the family involved) he starts on a psychedelic, space jumping, time-traveling, crazy journey that leads him to do some serious self-reflection.

The movie is a sci-fi comedy, but it also has plenty of action. And while I wouldn’t call it a psychological thriller, it’s definitely psychological. There’s nothing necessarily scary on our end, but poor Frank spends most of the time trapped in what could easily be described as his own personal horror movie.

Long and Faison are a dynamic duo with great chemistry, and the supporting cast is full of amazingly played characters that you immediately leave you wanting more. Tommy Flanagan (Aeolus) and Ronnie Gene Blevins (Ritchie) were both unbelievably entertaining, and although neither is in the film for very long, they both leave a lasting impression.

I’d absolutely watch THE WAVE again, not only because it was endlessly entertaining, but also to see if the second time around I could pick up on any of the surprises or twists before they happened. Overall, it was a fun trip… as long as you’re not the one tripping!

THE WAVE opens in theaters and VOD on January 17th.



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