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Inside "The Strangers Chapter 1" | Cast & Producer Interview

Join Shannon McGrew as she sits down with the cast and crew of "The Strangers Chapter 1" to delve into the highly anticipated return of the beloved horror series. In this interview, we explore the challenges and thrills of reviving a horror classic, the intense filming moments, and the passion behind the project.

Hear from the stars about stepping into iconic roles and the pressure to honor the original while bringing something new to the table. Discover the most challenging and creepy scenes to film, including a tense crawl space sequence and a real axe moment.

Learn how this remake pays homage to the original with familiar characters and settings, while setting the stage for a fresh and wild narrative in the upcoming chapters. Find out which of the infamous killers the cast loves the most and why Scarecrow stands out.

Gain insight from the creative minds behind the project on balancing respect for the original with the need to introduce new elements and deeper character studies.

Video Edited by James H. Carter II


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