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'That Halloween Podcast' Collaborates with 13th Floor Ent. Group for Second Season

THAT HALLOWEEN PODCAST, a podcast all about the greatest holiday of them all, has returned for its second season. The first season of the podcast was all about safely celebrating from home, and now season two is about encouraging listeners to support their local haunts, many of which lost an entire year of business in 2020. To help highlight the stories, creation, and process of producing haunted houses, THAT HALLOWEEN PODCAST is collaborating with Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group. Thirteenth Floor is responsible for haunted attractions all over the United States including Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, Delusion, 13th Floor Haunted Houses, Terror on the Fox, and more, including this year’s new haunt at The Old Joliet Haunted Prison. Hear behind-the-scenes stories directly from the folks at Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group.

“Having the chance to chat with and pick the brains of some of the greatest talents in the haunt industry has been a great pleasure,” said Jeff DePaoli, host and producer of “THAT HALLOWEEN PODCAST. “I’ve been a fan of Thirteenth Floor’s work for years, and I’ve truly loved learning more about the process and the people creating these haunts.”

THAT HALLOWEEN PODCAST began releasing new episodes on October 1st and will continue to release episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this October. The podcast can be heard for free on all major podcast listening platforms. For more information, visit


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